Rocket Vulture is an indie game development studio based in Brussels, Belgium.
We specialize in arcade and party games for mobile, pc and consoles.

Malfunction Warfare 1.0

Our malfunction guns are locked and loaded! We are proud to announce that we are moving out of Early Access and are releasing Broken Bots TODAY on Steam and Playstation 4. Starting from release day Broken Bots will feature cross-platform play between Steam and Playstation 4.

With the latest additions polished and ridden of bugs and malfunctions, Broken Bots features 6 game modes. So battle it out online with up to 12 players in Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill, Team Deathmatch & Crazy King, play with friends in the coop Survival mode, or take on the environment by yourself in the single player Infiltration mode. Each of the 4 available teams features 6 unique bot classes, customizable with 10 different unlockable skills and 10 passives.


See you on the battlefield soon!

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