Our Studio

Rocket Vulture

Indie game development studio based in Brussels, Belgium.

We are a small but creative independent team of game developers focused on bringing fun and immersive game experiences to players on all console platforms and PC.

OUR services

Unity Development

With over 5 years experience in working with the Unity engine, Rocket Vulture develops high quality games and applications for any platform including mobile (iOS/Android), PC, Mac & Linux (Steam) , or next-gen consoles such as Playstation 5, Xbox Series X & Nintendo Switch.

Game Art

Our creative work embraces top notch 2D and 3D game assets in a variety of styles. We can create anything from low-poly mobile art to highly detailed next-gen game graphics, or bring your characters and environments to life in quality 2D illustrations and animations.


We have hands-on experience in creating real-time multiplayer games using popular networking solutions such as Photon & Bolt. We deliver lag-free experiences with highly optimized networking code for both real-time and turn-based games and applications and can set up your server infrastructure or cloud based networking solutions.

Meet the team


Van Wemmel

Lead game design



Lead Developer



Art director



3d Artist


Van der Straeten

Game Writer

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